Editor’s Note – Welcome to ArtX

By Danny Dunson

ArtX is a community of artists, writers, curators, collectors, connoisseurs, and creatives.
We welcome you to explore our community that inclusively celebrates the art of unknown talents, rising stars, and seasoned creators. We are committed to having an interactive exchange between artists and those who love art.

This is a space with a mission to disrupt the art world as we currently know it.

Here, the walls of traditional gallery spaces have expanded, and institutional boundaries have collapsed.

Here, marginalized voices are welcomed.

Here, exposure and opportunities will be given.

Here, education and knowledge will be transmitted without pretense and without barriers.

Here, we welcome the perspectives of people of color, women, and the LGBTQ community.

Here, we measure success by how much we enable others to become more successful.

This month you will find stories about different happenings within the contemporary art world. In a conversation of vulnerability and transparency, artist Brittney Leeanne Williams shares intimate aspects of her process that are often untold.

In Notes to Nipsey, we discuss how artists flooded the internet with visual love letters, making the slain Hip Hop artist and community activist, Nipsey Hussle, an immortal icon.
Lastly, ArtX traveled to the historic Midwestern city of Cleveland, Ohio to witness the first photography exhibition of Roc Nation’s SVP of A&R, Lenny Santiago’s (Lenny S). The multifaceted museum show proves that photography is more than a hobby for this visionary.

This is a platform that welcomes contributions, and suggestions. We want to know more about what you want to experience from ArtX. So, email us (team@artx.net) and let us know how you feel. This is just the beginning. Let’s start this journey together.


Danny Dunson

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